What's in the clarinet bibliography?

After 300 years of the clarinet, this is an attempt to gather all the literature for the instrument family from solos to chamber/ensemble music.

This work is long overdue, because of the flood of new works and rediscovery of forgotten works. Most especially credit goes to the untiring creativity of many 20th century composers, thanks to their range of expression and the range of sound of the universal clarinet.

This bibliography lists of more than 60 000 pieces for the E-flat, D, B-flat, A-clarinet, bassetthorn, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet and chalumeaux. Therefore not only are the original compositions included but also arrangements. These are not exclusive, since many older versions (e.g. harmony music) have been rediscovered in the last several years. This decidedly expanded the repertoire, especially for the educational purpose of transcription, changing of instruments which gives them legitimacy, even if the appropriateness and aesthetic value are questioned. Because this is not always so obvious, a subjective preselection in the compilation of arrangements was cut out. Lastly, the new ensemble types are based on, for example quartets and quintets with different types of clarinets, adaptations, in which popular music is becoming an increasing larger part.




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Special lists with selected instrumentation

Solo and Duo 

3 and more Clarinets, Clarinet Choir

Clarinet with Orchestra

symphony orchestra  –  chamber orchestra  –  string orchestra  –  wind orchestra - duo and orchestra – 3 and more clarinets and orchestra – 1-2 clarinets, 1 wind instrument and orchestra – 1-2 clarinets, 2 wind instruments and orchestra  – 1-2 clarinets, 1 string instrument  and orchestra – clarinet, piano and orchestra

Clarinet with Piano

clarinet and piano (keyboard instruments)  –  2 clarinets and piano  –  3 clarinets  and piano  – 4 and more clarinets and piano

Clarinet, Wind instrument and Piano

flute, clarinet and piano  –  oboe, clarinet and piano  – bassoon, clarinet and piano   – horn, clarinet and piano  – brass instrument,  clarinet and piano

Clarinet, 1-2 Winds -  Clarinet and Percussion

1 wind instrument and clarinet – 2 wind instruments and clarinet –  trio d’anches (oboe, clarinet, bassoon)  –  trio d’anches and piano  – 2 clarinets and 1 wind instrument  –
3 clarinets and 1 wind instrument – 1-3 clarinets and percussion

Wind Quartet

wind quartet  – wind quartet and piano  – wind quartet and orchestra  – 4 mixed winds – 4 mixed winds and piano   –   4 mixed winds and orchestra

Wind Quintet

wind quintet  –  wind quintet and piano  –  wind quintet and orchestra  –  wind quintet and 1 instrument  –  wind quintet and voice  –  2 and more wind quintets
5 mixed winds   –   5 mixed winds and piano

Ensemble 6 to 10 Players

 wind sextet (db)  –  wind septet (db)  –  wind octet (db)  –  wind nonet (db)  –  wind dezet (db)  –  mixed sextet  –  mixed septet  –  mixed octet  –  mixed nonet  –  mixed dezet

Clarinet with 1-2 Strings

1 string instrument and clarinet   –  2 strings and clarinet  –  2 clarinets and 1-2 strings

Clarinet with String trio, String quartet, String quintet

string trio and clarinet  –  string quartet and clarinet  –  string quintet and clarinet  –  2 clarinets and string trio  –  2 clarinets and string quartet/string quintet

Clarinet, Strings and Piano

violin, clarinet and piano  –  viola, clarinet and piano  –  violoncello, clarinet and piano  –  double bass, clarinet and piano  –  violin, violoncello, clarinet and piano   –
string trio, clarinet and piano  –  string quartet, clarinet and piano

Voice and Piano

sopran, alto, clarinet and piano (keyboard)  –  tenor, bass, clarinet  and piano  – female voice, orchestra – male voice, orchestra

 Voice, Choir, Instruments

soprano, alto, instruments  –  tenor, bass, instruments  –  vocal, choir, instruments  –  speaker instruments